General Information:

Game times will begin in the early AM and run until early evening. Varsity and JV will be
played later in the day. Mods/7-8th, 5/6, 3/4 and K- 2nd grades will be scheduled in the

Cost is $550.00 per team for Varsity, JV/ 9-10th, Mods/ 7-8th and 5-6th grades and $500.00
per team for 3-4th and K- 2nd grades.

No all star or elite teams.
Each Team is guaranteed three (3) games of 50 minutes.  

There is a limit Teams per division.

Rosters must be submitted day of tournament.


Varsity (Rising Varsity Level, No Graduated Seniors)

We will be raffling off lacrosse gear and clothing. Tournament tee shirts will be for sale,
buy early, they always sell out.   Vendors will be on site.

Spectator Information:

Please pass this information along to your players, parents and fans.

Concessions will be available at the fields at the vendor area.  No open fires or grills are
permitted. Dogs are not permitted on school grounds.

Port-a-johns are located at the fields and there are rest rooms available at the adjacent
Aquatic Center.

As is expected of our players and coaches, good sportsmanship and respect for the
game should be exhibited by all.